Welcome to Costa Rica

We flew over the ocean, through numerous time zones, said goodbye to our friends from Term 3 who were returning home, made promises to stay in touch and plans to get together in the coming months. And then…we arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica ready for our next adventure.

Given our late in the evening arrival, we spent our first night a short drive from the airport. We were welcomed by Mario, who will be our host during our stay in Costa Rica. A quick transfer and check in to our rooms, an evening snack ready for us on arrival, a first (largely unsuccessful) attempt at sleeping through the night in our new time zone, a wonderful Central American breakfast served by the nicest people and then we climbed into our van and began the drive up mountain roads to Monteverde. The scenery was wonderful but it was a sleepy busload of students!

Our first night in Monteverde delivered a pretty amazing “night hike” in the rainforest. Hike was really a misnomer, it was more of a walk as we split into two groups and headed out (after a warning about the ants) with our very knowledgeable and entertaining guides. I have to admit that a hike to learn about birds and bugs and sloths is not the sort of outing that I would normally choose. However, this introduction to biodiversity in Costa Rica was fascinating. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, even those of us who are just a wee bit afraid of bugs.

We didn’t see a sloth but we did see a tarantula, a scorpion, leaf cutter (and other kinds of ants), a “stick” bug, a beautiful moth, many different species of birds and the clearest, most amazing night sky I have possibly ever seen. There is very little light pollution here at night and the stars are so clear and luminous. WOW is really the only apt description.

Back to our hotel for a quick dinner and then off to our beds for what we hoped would be a good first step in defeating jet lag.


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