We Made it to Athens!

A tired group of GHS students disembarked early, and we do mean early, on Friday morning. After reclaiming the luggage, students climbed on board our coach and headed to the hotel, K29. Breakfast on the rooftop was very welcome and we were surprised but pleased that we were able to move into some of our rooms before we left for our tour of the Acropolis and Parthenon.

WOW! That’s really the best way to describe this magnificent collection of temples on a rocky outcrop high above the city of Athens. The Parthenon is the most famous and the most impressive of the temples. The view from the Acropolis is breathtaking and invoked awe in our group as well as providing endless “instagramable” photos.

We continued on to see a number of other sites including Zeus’ temple and the Panathenaic stadium which hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1870. It is constructed entirely of marble and seats 70,000 people. An amazing facility!

Our tour guide was great and shared lots of her knowledge about ancient Greece with us. However, our Ancient Civilizations students were also fine sources of information and displayed just how much they have learned in class. Well done!

Back to the hotel where grade 11 English is watching Romeo and Juliet, Ancient Civilizations are doing presentations and mathematics and other classes are working on their ISUs. GHS is a busy place these days as we continue to tour the highlights of Greece, complete our courses and prepare for final exams.