Tutukaka Lighthouse Reserve

After a busy day of classes, our students enjoyed an amazing hike to really appreciate the magnificent scenery of this wonderful country. We hiked the Tutukaka Lighthouse Reserve and were not disappointed by the the ocean views.

We had to make sure that the tide was out, as we had to hike to sea level in between the hills. After lots of climbing, many stairs, and comments such as “When are we going to be there?”, we finally reached our destination, the lighthouse point.

I think everyone agreed that the views and sense of accomplishment were well worth the effort! The photography class students even began to build their portfolios. I have scheduled another hike for Saturday and I am sure everyone is looking forward to it.

A teacher and some students are even planning an early morning run tomorrow to experience the sunrise along this trail. I hope you enjoy the photos, as much as we enjoyed this very special experience.