Tour of Brisbane

We have arrived in Brisbane, the first large city of our trip. It is a beautiful, clean city, filled with lush vegetation and gardens. Our hotel is very centrally located and students are able to walk to the many sight seeing spots. We held a scavenger hunt to give the students the opportunity to discover the city in their groups of four. They found the iconic Brisbane sign, the botanical gardens, the unique bridges and architecture, a wonderful shopping district with a large pedestrian walkway, the QUT Art Gallery, the university, and the Old Government House building.

Along the route, they saw many unique statues and large sculptures, the giant ferris wheel (resembles the London EYE), and even explored the South Bank with its huge swimming lagoon and rain forest walkway. We all agreed that we are very lucky to have the chance to visit this special city. Our teachers are taking advantage of this location to try out many different classroom settings that the students can work in (cafes, botanical gardens, museum/art gallery, etc.). What fabulous classroom settings!

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After careful consultation with our staff and vendors, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our Global High School program for the 2020-21 school year. Given significant and widespread disruptions to global travel, and the uncertainty of when operations will return to normal, it is simply not possible to plan and operate these programs to our high standards of safety and execution.

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