The Inka Connection:

Travel Journal Term 4 2016-17

Hello from CUSCO, PERU! We are officially in Cusco…and we LOVE IT!  We were instantly enamoured by the looming Andes, the colourful ponchos, and the street vendors selling tamales and fresh Chica Morada (a delicious sweet drink made from purple corn).

The cobblestoned streets and narrow winding roads led us to our first destination of Cusco today: the famous Cathedral in Plaza Mayor.  Here, we took some pictures before breaking out for a delicious lunch break.  Some of us chose a typical Peruvian restaurant, where our guides Luis and Miguel took us.  It was a beautiful restaurant that is the farthest thing from a tourist trap; authentic cuisine, local clients, and delicious food.  Others chose a fantastic vegan restaurant with its very own ceremonial room where Shamans lead meditative practices.  So far so good, Cusco!

The students are currently in class, getting ready to take on the final two weeks of academics.  It will be a wonderful last leg of the journey.  We are so very lucky to be in the care of Luis and Miguel, of Inkas Destination.  They’ve been working with Blyth Academy for many years and are now considered Blyth Academy family.  They know all the great spots, the ins and outs of their city, and they love working with our students year after year.

In the next few days we will have more pictures up on Vidigami so be sure to check that out!



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