The time has come to wrap up our first term of the year!

Students were busy writing final exams and finalizing work on their ISPs before the final banquet on Wednesday. Grade twelve functions and photography wrote their finals in the morning and students had the afternoon to pack their suitcases and purchase some last-minute souvenirs. With our duffel bags packed, the latter part of the afternoon was spent glamourizing ourselves for our last dinner together as a travelling family.

Prior to dinner, we all met upstairs in the premiere loft at our stunning hotel to celebrate the term. Kathy and I went to Takis Bakery in the afternoon to grab some traditional Greek treats for the gathering, baklava included! Our celebration began with a student-run Kahoot game led by Abbie that was filled with many jokes from our term abroad.

After the laughs came tears of joy. We watched a slideshow of pictures from our times spent punting down the river in Oxford to our cannoli adventures in Rome. When the slideshow was over and our tears of happiness were wiped, Nicole and Kathy led the students in our awards ceremony where more laughs were shared before heading over to dinner at the Wyndham Grand.

Despite thinking that we’ve seen the major sites of Athens by the end of our stay, there was still one major sight left to take in: the glowing Acropolis at night. Staff walked the students down to Monastiraki Square for one last gelato hunt to see the magnificence of the classical world shining over the liveliness of Athens at night. Students were sent off in groups to stroll the night markets and catch a series of final glimpses before meeting to head back to the hotel.

As always, it’s hard to believe how time passes before our eyes. In one quick moment, we were riding the London Eye and celebrating Thanksgiving as a family only to be transported to the central Agora of Athens. We not only slept in the various accommodations from Oxford to Athens, but we were also living in the heart of Europe’s central cities. We travelled to four countries, strolled among numerous ruins, enjoyed an array of traditional dishes, and completed two courses in the span of eight weeks. How is that for a high school experience?

As we close off this term, I am reminded of all the great times that we had and numerous experiential lessons that were shared. The relationships that have developed will last a lifetime and the memories made will forever be written in our journals for years to come. Although our time together has ended, our students know that they always have someone to come to if they need academic advice, university support, or simply someone to talk to.

On behalf of Sam Blyth, Kathy Young, Nicole Laliberte, Liam Phipps, and Nic Catania, we are all so proud of the accomplishments that our students have made over the past term. Not only have students developed an ongoing cultural understanding of Europe during their term on Global High School, but they have also started on their paths to becoming global citizens.

Continue to seek new opportunities where they are given and never be afraid to journey to unknown destinations. Where the sun sets on the Acropolis, our travels will never fade.

Yours around the world,
Global High School