Global High School 2016-17 Term 3:

Kayaking, Snorkelling and Sandboarding Through Brisbane

Happy Monday everyone!

We’ve had a really great weekend here in Brisbane. The days were hot, the students were happy, and the city was well explored.

Here in Brisbane there is an area called South Bank, which sits along the longest river in South East Queensland.  Crossing over the Victoria Bridge this weekend, we made our way into South Bank, past the Wheel of Brisbane (60 meter tall Ferris Wheel), and headed to The Collective Arts Market where we indulged in some stall-to-stall shopping.  The sun was shining as we walked amongst locals and tourists who flock to South Bank Beach, or eat at one of the trendy cafés along the river.  We snapped some photos near the big ‘BRISBANE’ sign, visited the Arts Museum, and went on to visit the Modern Arts Museum a few doors down.  With downtown ‘Queen Street’ shopping, and a cash dinner in the mix, students had some great opportunities to explore the city that is large enough to be entertaining, but small enough to feel quaint and safe.  We closed our weekend with a group dinner on Sunday evening followed by our ‘cooking class’ at the hotel where we made homemade ‘energy bites’.  A big thank you goes out to Jakob, Lauryn, Claire, and Vanessa, whose hard work went into making these treats for the whole group. Pictures on Vidigami! 

Moreton Island ALSO happened this weekend!  Early Saturday morning, Ms. Gilchrist took some of our students to the island that sits along the eastern side of Moreton Bay.  It was a beautiful day weather-wise, and our group experienced transparent kayaking, snorkelling near a shipwreck, and sandboarding (which we like to call Australian tobogganing!) They enjoyed lunch on the guided tour boat, and came home fulfilled, excited, and ready for an early sleep.

This week we have a very busy schedule filled with activities, academics, and a transfer to New Zealand.  Tomorrow we visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary here in Brisbane and Thursday we say goodbye to Oz and hello to Dunedin, NZ.  There are SO many great things happening in Dunedin during our stay, so I can’t wait to update you on everything. 

As I write about all of these fun activities, I must make mention of the incredible job our students have been doing in their courses.  Putting in many hours of work into classes and assignments, they are publishing their own magazines in English, and studying for tests in Business and Science.  I must say, everyone has been doing a fantastic job of balancing schoolwork, staying physically active, getting restful sleeps at night, and exploring the culture of each city we visit.  I am very impressed by their ability to remain healthy, happy, and excited to explore their courses and their surroundings.

I hope you are all doing well at home! 

PS – Your children will be taking pictures with cute Koalas tomorrow…so I will post those up on Vidigami!


Program Manager