Scavenger Hunt and Beach Walk

Our first two full days “down under” have been full of activity and wonder at the amazing city of Sydney. A scavenger hunt on Thursday provided a perfect opportunity to meet new travel mates while exploring our new home away from home. Teams were created based on a challenging set of rules…at least one returning student and at least one new student had to be on each team. No roommates were allowed to be teammates and the boys had to all split up. The challenge of forming teams based on these rules was quickly overcome. Teams huddled to create a game plan and then headed out to conquer Sydney. And conquer it they did!

Hyde Park and the War Memorial, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, the Museum of Contemporary Art as well as a number of other landmarks…three hours later and the smiles on the faces in the pictures tell the story of a very fun adventure. We determined that all of the teams were winners based on their creativity and thoroughness and the Tim Tam cookies and Haribos proved to be popular (and tasty) prizes.

Day two dawned hot and sunny…a perfect day for the beach walk from Bondi to Coogee. We started with a liberal application of sunscreen and then headed out to catch the bus to the famous oceanside town of Bondi.

Swimming in the ocean, as well as the ocean side pools, was a wonderful way to cool off as we hiked along the beaches and cliffs. Smoothies and ice cream proved popular. The surfers were out reminding us that we are going to try our hand at surfing on Monday. Today, however, we did some people watching, swam and sunbathed.

The bus ride home was a quiet affair with sleepy students taking advantage of the opportunity for a quick nap. Back to the hostel in time for showers and dinner. A little bit of aloe was required but mostly we congratulated ourselves on our sunscreen application. Mom and dad – you can be very proud of us!

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