Sweet Heat in Ko Lanta

S̄wạs̄dī from the South of Thailand!

Before jet-setting over to Krabi on Friday morning, staff and students participated in the Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Rai. This festival celebrates the full moon in November where Thai locals send candle-filled baskets (known as krathongs) down various rivers throughout the province. This is meant to symbolize the release of one’s worries and troubles with the last full moon of the wet season.

Our hotel invited us to participate in the festival and each of us were given a floating Krathong to release into the koi pond. With one quick wish, we sent our baskets and our worries into the water and later watched as the hotel released a lantern into the sky. We then grouped back for dinner at the hotel before spending the rest of the evening studying and packing up for our trip to the islands.

After two fights and a ferry ride the next morning, we arrived at our beachside resort in Ko Lanta next to the beautiful blue Andaman Sea… I know – rub it in!

We were greeted by a fast fading sunset by the time we made it to the resort which aroused the students’ excitement upon seeing our home for the next week. Swing sets line the beach as patterned hammocks hang in the blazing Thai sunshine… and yes – the water actually is this blue!

Everyone then raced to their rooms and met back for dinner before closing off the long travel day and preparing for a sun-filled afternoon of classes on Saturday.

Liam had this to share about our new resort in Ko Lanta:

“I think this resort is probably the best place we have been to this whole semester – and we have been to some pretty amazing hotels. We started in China where it was quite cold but pretty sweet, and we now have access to a beach in an incredibly nice location. There is an amazing sunset each night which means we no longer have to hike far to grab a great sunset. I’d say that Relax Bay is the ultimate Asia destination.”

Students met with their teachers on Saturday to catch up on academics and get ahead on their final term projects. Our social science class continues to work on their comparative analysis of Thai and Canadian societies while our writer’s craft course closed off their unit on poetry. World cultures held various theory seminars in the afternoon while Kayla and I took a trip into town for the first-most critical purchase for our time in Ko Lanta: inflatable water floaties!

We continued to float the weekend away on Sunday, either soaking up rays on a giant watermelon slice or taking it easy in the shade by the pool. Nearly everyone has mentioned how they cannot wait to lounge the days away in one of the best possible end-of-term locations.

We all look forward to making the best of our time in Ko Lanta and cannot wait for the various excursions that this week brings.

Yours among the hermit crabs,