Surf Town of San Juan Del Sur:

Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 4

Buenos Dias!  It is hot hot HOT over here in San Juan Del Sur.  But hey, we aren’t complaining!  Our first few days have been filled with sunshine, hikes, horses, and academics.

After our arrival, we wasted no time and woke up on Friday for a morning hike.  We prepped our muscles with a tasty breakfast of eggs, gaillo pinto and fruits, and climbed up the STEEP hill that leads to the town’s statue of Jesus – talk about a morning workout!  It is quite the difficult climb, but a decently quick one.  Each and every one of us challenged our bodies and made it to the top of the hill while cheering one another on.  After an easy decent, students cooled off with a quick dip in the hotel pool before beginning their period one classes.

On Saturday, some of our students and a few teachers went horseback riding!  Starting at the horse ranch, they jumped on the saddle and trotted along the beach.  They ended their afternoon with a Nicaraguan lunch at an oceanfront restaurant.

We are enjoying our little surf town over here in Nicaragua.  There are actually so many Canadians! They come in all forms – expats, tourists, and café owners. The students already have their favourite spots, whether it be the Simon Says Smoothie Bar (delicious), or the bookstore café, El Gato Negro (beautifully colourful).  The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, and has the perfect mix of local culture and tourism.  

All in all, term 4 is going very well.  Teachers have nothing but great things to say about their classes and their students.  We have some assignments and tests this week and students are doing a great job of keeping on track.

Coming up is a week of classes, community service at a local elementary school, surf lessons, and before you know it, a transfer to Costa Rica! Time sure does fly… 



Program Manager