Star Struck in Queenstown!

It all started on Saturday night when Haley noticed that country music star, Thomas Rhett, began posting about his arrival in Queenstown on Instagram. Haley doubled down on her efforts to discover an exact location but, not one to give up, kept searching on Sunday. Sure enough, Thomas, who possibly wanted to be found, posted about the Queenstown wharf, approximately 150m from where the students sat in their classroom with Liam. After a few minutes (there is some debate about how many minutes) Liam released them to search.

And they found THOMAS RHETT on the wharf! Much picture taking and not a little conversation ensued. He was gracious, kind and interested in our students even though he was accompanied by his wife, two little girls and their nanny. Not to be left out, as soon as Kathy learned about this action, she rushed down to the wharf and was encouraged (possibly even pushed a little) by the students to meet him as well. I actually think the girls just wanted another opportunity to engage in conversation with Thomas.

So much fun on a sunny Sunday afternoon in beautiful Queenstown!