Sky Diving in Queenstown

Three times was the charm when it came to Sky Diving in Queenstown. We headed out the first time on Wednesday for our adventure Sky Diving. Many of us didn’t get much sleep the night before and the butterflies were still fluttering in the morning. However, we gathered up our courage, listened intently to the briefing, boarded the bus and drove to the site. We were no sooner suited up and, in some cases, strapped to our partner, when the announcement came…no diving today as the planes could take off but not land due to the weather. A disappointed group returned to Queenstown where we quickly rebooked for the next day.

Thursday, we were once again up bright and early with not as many butterflies this time. Once again, this time before we reached the site, Yax received the call…rescheduled for Saturday, first at 8 am and then later for 1:30 pm in order to maximize our chances of a successful jump.

Saturday morning dawned cool and overcast, our entire group watched the sky all morning and speculated on our chances for success. The good news is that the skies cleared by 1 pm and we were able to head out and eventually make a successful jump.

And what a success it was…phrases like “this is the best thing I have ever done”, “I will remember this for the rest of my life” and “do you want to see my video, it was amazing” were flying all around our hotel and then again at dinner. The videos and photos truly are amazing. The sky was blue, the weather was perfect. This truly was the adventure of a lifetime.