Salty Dog Sea Kayaking Excursion

A small group of students, Megan, and Fran headed out this morning for a sea kayaking experience. Our guide, Haley, owner of this Kayak company, gave us an brief lesson in how to wear our safety equipment and how to steer and paddle these double person kayaks. We headed out into Shute Harbour. We kayaked around the Mango bushes, around several islands and were reminded to stay out of the boat lanes so we didn’t get run over.

We stopped at our own private island and enjoyed a swim in the rough water. Some of the boys even snorkelled. We walked the beach and saw stingrays, jelly fish, and baby sharks. Several eagles flew overhead throughout the morning. Just as we stopped at the island, the weather turned quite nasty and we had torrential rain. The students loved this, as we were already swimming in the water and it just added to their sense of adventure. Haley assured us that we were not going to be storm stayed on this small island. For a while, I wasn’t so sure!

With lots of patience and perseverance, Haley managed to put up a tarp, to give some protection from the weather, and we had our “morning tea”. We then headed back to Shute Harbour and civilization. On the way back, a game of pass the coconut, kept up a stiff competition between the kayak partners. I think Kayla and Megan ended up with the coconut as we arrived back to shore. It was fun morning and even the driving rain did not dampen our spirits. It only added to the fun! Check out the photos on the Salty Dog Sea Kayaking Facebook page. Haley took a lot of great photos and will post them on her Facebook page for everyone to enjoy.

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