Salty Dog Kayaking

A small group of intrepid GHS students and their fearless leader, Kathy, headed out early Sunday morning for a sea-kayaking experience. We had no idea what to expect but were quickly put at ease by our guide, Haley. She was, in a word, awesome! We quickly suited up in our safety equipment, had a brief lesson in how to steer and paddle, jumped in our kayaks and headed out into Shute Harbour.

There was a strong wind blowing but that only made the experience more fun…and a wonderful upper body workout! An hour or so paddle across the harbour, into a sheltered part of the ocean, around a couple of islands, brought us to our own private island where we stopped for our “morning tea”. We have learned that that is a thing in Australia.

After donning a stinger suit (these are a must have because of the danger from stingrays and jelly fish), we had an opportunity to swim and snorkel. We are becoming expert snorkelers, Kathy has overcome her fear of the mask and headed out with everyone else.

Back to our launch point where we agreed that this was at least as much fun as our trip to the Great Barrier Reef.