Reaping the Comfort in Cambodia

We have arrived safely at our next destination on term two: Siem Reap!

We made the trek on two overnight flights from Beijing to Siem Reap late on Saturday to bask in the palm trees and incredible warmth of Cambodia.

group photo of students in Siem Reap

Our new hotel is located right in the hub of Siem Reap with a lively night market full of trinkets and elephant inspired harem pants at each stall. As soon as our suitcases made their way to the rooms, students raced to cool off in the black-tiled pool before catching up on homework and assignments for the remainder of the afternoon.

students swimming in hotel pool

This week brings more adventures as we charge our cameras for our various temple visits and a special performance art piece mid-week. We will be visiting Ta Phrom and Banteay Srei with an exquisite morning sunset tour of Angkor Wat on Wednesday morning. Friday marks our visit to the Landmine Museum where we will learn more about the Cambodian Genocide and victims who still suffer from these tragedies of the past.

Classes continue to bring a variety of experiential learning opportunities throughout the day. Students from our advanced social sciences course have begun their unit on adolescent development and are conducting a series of research experiments with students and local teenagers from Siem Reap. Our math classes have finished off their first units and wrote their first tests.

students swimming in hotel pool

Our business and world cultures class are collaborating to create one giant documentary on the Salasara Village Project. The hotel owner has brought it upon himself to run a program which supports the rural village that he grew up in. Students are eagerly taking it upon themselves to shed light on this significant social initiative.

Yours by the pool,