Playas del Coco..pools and the beach!

Global High School has arrived at Playas del Coco where we will spend the next two weeks. Sun, sand and surf, as well as classes in our villas and around the pool, will most certainly fill our time. Oh yes and scuba diving and zip lining, community service and snorkelling. There is no shortage of activities to fill our busy days.

We checked into our villas feeling very pleased to have kitchens and living rooms again. A quick walk into town allowed us to explore the grocery stores and check out the beach and then back to our villas for dinner “a la Mario”. He is such a gracious host taking requests for our meals which he then cooks for us himself. Home cooked meals, something we haven’t had much of in the last months are a wonderful treat for all of us. The hits so far have been the beef stew at dinner and the banana pancakes for breakfast.

Students have been working hard in their classes. Our entire group has been the beneficiary of the leadership class. We had a group icebreaker session one evening where we put on frozen shirts, played broken telephone and then did a pool Olympics. Everyone, including the staff, got involved. The winning team chose the teacher they would push into the pool after dinner and fully clothed. We all lined up feeling some trepidation and the lucky (or maybe not so lucky) winner was Liam. He was a good sport and was quickly followed into the pool by Luke. It wasn’t really much of a penalty as the water was warm and the pool is actually the best place to be!

The class is busy organizing our next group activity which looks to be volleyball on the beach. However, water polo is a close second and may win out in the end.

Stay tuned for an update on scuba and snorkelling…the divers are making their first open water dive today and both divers and snorkelers are heading out to the ocean tomorrow. Lots to do in Playas del Coco!

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