We Know…You told us not to play in the MUD!

But, you also know, that we don’t always listen…

On Friday night, a total of 19 of us headed out to Hell’s Gate, a very unique Rotorua Spa Experience. To quote the website “Maori have been bathing in the geothermal muds and sulphur waters of Tikitere for more than 700 years” and we just had to follow in their footsteps.

We aren’t sure if this mud really contains the curative properties claimed in the literature but we do know that it delivered on all of the fun promised. First, on the bus ride out to the site, our bus driver worked in a short science lesson on RNA. It seems that a Canadian scientist from NASA has been working at Hell’s Gate, exploring the theory that life might have had its’ genesis in geothermal events. Our driver has been working on this project and was eager to share his experiences.

Upon arrival, quick instructions about where the mud should (and should not) be smeared, a quick dip in the hot sulphur spring and then into the mud baths. So much fun! We splashed, we smeared, we posed for pictures, and then splashed and smeared some more. As Luke said…we had mud in places that mud should not be found. For health and safety reasons the time limit in the mud bath was 20 minutes.

On to the cold fresh spring water for the brave among the group and then back to the hot sulphur spring for a long hot soak under the stars. Lots of relaxing time together where we discussed post-secondary plans, reflected on all of our experiences in term 3 and just generally soaked up the healing properties of the water.

Heard on the bus back…let’s do this again!