PADI and Snorkelling

Salutations, parents and readers! This week our group went snorkelling and scuba diving with PADI instructors in the waters off Playas Del Coco. We were first introduced to the scuba gear and the means by which to use it, in both normal circumstances and common contingencies. This helped us to be prepared to deal with many hiccups and dangers while scuba-ing.

After we were introduced to the gear, it was time to scuba dive! We boated out to a nice scuba spot, strapped into our oversized backpacks, and fell backwards into the sea. We met by the anchor at the front of the boat before beginning our descent into the ocean, first deflating our BCD’s before slowly sinking. We used the anchor rope to regulate the speed at which we descended while equalizing our ears to adjust to water pressure. When we finally reached the bottom (about 12 meters), our instructor signalled for us to follow her as we swam past coral, an array of diverse fish, and a whole lot of jellyfish.

As I tried my best to maneuver past the jellyfish I began to ascend uncontrollably, hearing static noise in my ears and feeling extremely lightheaded. The instructor came to help me back down, deflating my BCD further as I descended again. As we were running low on oxygen, our instructor inflated a floatation device to signal where we were going to ascend to our boat captain. As we then swam up slowly, I could hear the same static noise in my ears, even after we reached the surface. We then inflated our BCD’s, before returning to the boat.

During the second day with PADI, not all of us went scuba diving. Two of us went snorkelling, viewing the diverse aquatic wildlife in a shallow part of the sea. We got to explore the coral, jellyfish, and fish inhabiting the shores of Costa Rica.

Both snorkelling and scuba diving were an absolute blast, and I hope to do them both again in the future. It was a whole other world under the ocean, with many more things to explore than seen in those two trips. In the words of Luke Edward: “To be underwater was an amazing experience. There was a point in which I didn’t know which way was up or down, which is so different to what we normally know. But it was amazing”.

Stephen L.