What a day!

London; one of the world’s most visited cities! Five words I would use to describe London: buzzing, fascinating, multicultural, rushed and intriguing!

Our day started early at 7am. We were served breakfast in a box at St. Hilda’s College, and walked briskly to the Oxford bus station to catch the bus as early as possible. There was a buzz in the air this morning; besides the students being so excited to see London, we were also celebrating two birthdays; the one and only Thomas Bodi and our very own teacher Mx. Catania. What a great way to spend a birthday; don’t you agree?

Upon arrival to London, Joe, our head of school, led us to our first destination. Keep in mind, Joe loves London, and when he is passionate about something it oozes out of him, and he has the gift of spreading this passion to those around him. I am sure he would concur with the great Samuel Johnson who said that “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

Our first stop was the National Gallery, which houses one of the greatest collections of paintings in the world. All three classes had tasks to complete while at the Gallery. Mx. Catania was able to give a lecture inside the museum and really brought his lesson to life. Following this visit, the students had an hour of free time to grab a light lunch and explore the area.

A highlight of the day was exploring Covent Garden. This elegant, car-free Piazza is home to fashion stores, restaurants, chocolate shops, an apple market and more. The students were unable to resist the buttery scents that flooded areas of the market, and indulged in delicious gelato and sweets!

Our next stop was Trafalgar square where we were able to take photos and enjoy the energy in the square. The London Eye, and Big Ben were next on the agenda along with a leisurely walk alongside the River Thames. From here the students were dismissed to enjoy the city in a minimum of groups of four. They were given their money for cash dinner, and went off to shop, eat, and enjoy the remainder of their day in London, and as always were given a meeting point for the end of the day.

When we met back at Big Ben before walking to the Victoria station to catch the bus back to Oxford, seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing them share stories of their day was very heart warming. Many of them said they plan to return one day, and I’m sure they will.

The bus ride back was effortless, and of course most of us slept after such an fun filled but tiring day. Before bed, we sang happy birthday to Thomas, gave him a card signed by all of us, and said good night! We have only two more days in Oxford, and though we have come to call it home, we are also excited to see what Barcelona has in store!

We send all of you back home hugs and warm wishes, and thank you for letting us share our experiences through the Travel Journal. Check out our London photos on Vidigami!

Goodbye for now,


Program Coordinator