Oxford: Getting Into the Groove!

Hello Travel Journal followers! We have not forgotten about you, we have just been immersing ourselves in the stunning architecture, history and culture of Oxford. With plentiful ancient and modern colleges, parks and green spaces, and a city centre that is small enough to cover on foot, we are enjoying every minute of our time here so far.  To give you a student’s perspective, one of our photography and math students, Carla Khano, will be guest blogging today. Take it away Carla!

“Being at Blyth’s Global Highschool for about three days so far has already been an amazing experience. My name is Carla and I’m in grade eleven. Only having about three days of staying on campus at St. Hilda’s College at Oxford University, we’ve explored so much of the area around! Within short walking distances, there is a local mall and many different clothing stores, book shops, and lots of restaurants and cafes. As a group, we’ve visited three, very tasty, resaurants including: La Cucina, Cuttle Fish, and Shezan.  While touring around the town, I was able to learn more about life here. The area is packed with busy students that have travelled here from all over the world.  Considering the town holds the campuses belonging to Oxford University, all of us have had the chance to learn a lot about the history that took place hundreds of years ago, and the different traditions that are practiced throughout the university. Living on campus gives us an intel of the daily lives of Oxford students.

Lastly, our facilty and staff members have put a great amount of work and time into giving us the best experiences thus far, providing us with spectacular learning experiences and unforgettable memories. Our days are very organized and give us the freedom to learn and explore at an enjoyable pace. A very big thank you to those who are giving us the opportunity to have the wonderful time we are all having and will have during the rest of Global High School.


Carla Khano”

Thank you Carla. Tomorrow we will be visiting Stratford, stay tuned for updates!


Stephanie Zourntos

Program Manager