Optional Excursions

In addition to the included excursions, we offer opportunities for students to continue exploring their cultural surroundings. These excursions are often adventurous and exhilarating such as zip lining over the treetops of a rainforest or hiking up a volcano to name a few! Below are the excursions currently available to register for. Optional Excursions for the other terms will be posted at a later date.

2017/18 Term 1 Optional Excursions

Spires and Shires Cycling Tour (Oxford)

Encompassing town and country, the tour starts in the wonderful city of Oxford before escaping the madding crowds and discovering the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside that lies beyond the city limits. We’ll see classically English thatched cottages, village churches, and rolling fields, before finally ending back in the city, at Oxford’s architectural gem, located in Radcliffe Square.

Oxford is a very friendly place to cycle, and our tour will be at a leisurely pace with stops along the way.

We will make a stop off for lunch at a traditional English Pub*.

We provide English made Pashley cycle, helmet (upon request), basket, lock, bike lights and ponchos for the occasional wet weather. Soft drink and entry to an Oxford college included. Duration 5 ½ hours.

*Lunch not included.

Anticipated Date: Wednesday 6th September

Price: $95.00

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T1. Cycling

Hiking in the Pyrenees (Barcelona)


Catalonia has some of the most beautiful landscapes that Europe has to offer hidden away in and around the Pyrenees mountains. During a full day trip to the Catalan side of the mountain range (separating France from Spain), you will discover these treasures and they will take your breath away.

Getting an early start, you will travel away from Barcelona to the ancient settlement of Vic for a look at some beautiful renaissance and baroque buildings. Your journey will then take you even further north towards the Pyrenees, passing oak and red pine forests and castles which have been around since before the first millennia.

You will then head to the town of Ripoll, formerly home to the first Count of Barcelona, before moving on to Queralbs, 1,236m above sea level with only 200 inhabitants.

Finally you will travel the last 6km to your end destination, only accessible by a special railway track which will carry you into Valle de Nuria, surrounded by 7 glaciered peaks doing their utmost to hide the almost heavenly valley 2,000 meters above sea level. There you will be able to hike around the lake, explore the valley on trails with different levels of difficulty, or just relax and enjoy the views.

Please bring sunscreen, water, and a jacket for the cooler temperatures at the mountain top (there may be some snow on the ground!) and wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes. Please bring a picnic lunch and snacks, though there will be places to purchase food. Don’t forget your camera!

Anticipated Date: Saturday 16th September

Price: $295.00

T1. Hiking

Sailing Excursion (Barcelona)


This is a great activity and guaranteed fun for all!

Enjoy a 3 hour cruise of the Costa Brava shoreline by boat. There’s plenty of space to spread out and sunbathe on deck. After some time sailing, we’ll set anchor to enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool water.

An unforgettable way to enjoy and explore the Balearic Sea!

Wear your swimsuit. Make sure you bring your flip flops (no black soled shoes are allowed), towel, snorkel and windbreaker, in case the weather is cool offshore. Please also bring water, sunscreen, a hat, and snacks.

Anticipated Date: Sunday 17th September

Price: $150.00

T1. Sailing

Ostia Antica & Ostia Beach (Rome)

A visit to Ostia is a relaxing day out that will take you away from the hustle, bustle and noise of Rome.

In the morning, with our guide, we’ll explore the expansive site of Ostia Antica, an area of Roman ruins which date from the early third century BC. Ostia became an important harbour town, supplying Rome. Over the years Ostia was struck by earthquakes and tsunamis. Instead of rebuilding ruins, the materials were often recycled, with Ostian marble even being used to build cathedrals in Pisa, Florence, Amalfi and Orvieto. The excavations here show many incredible layers of time.

To cool off after exploring the ruins, we will head to Lido di Ostia. Spend your time here at the beach swimming, sunbathing (or studying?!); exploring the shops; people watching in the cafes; or strolling along the promenade.

As we’ll be spending time at the beach, be sure to leave valuables at the hotel. Please wear comfortable shoes and a sun hat, and bring your sunscreen and beach apparel. We will return to Rome for dinner.

Anticipated Date: Sunday 24th September

Price: $250.00

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T1. Ostia Beach

Pompeii (Rome)

Nestled at the foot of Mount Vesuvius is Pompeii. Throughout the height of the Roman Empire, it was quite the lively city. As a result of a volcanic eruption, the town was covered in molten lava and ultimately “frozen in time.” The city lay silent for almost two thousand years, until it was excavated hundreds of years later. A picture of life in Roman times was revealed.

What lay beneath was the town of Pompeii, perfectly preserved as a result of the layer of volcanic ash that had covered it for centuries. Today it remains one of the most compelling archaeological sites and by far one of the most visited Italian attractions.

Visiting Pompeii is an incredible experience. We will take a guided tour of the site, where we will see the houses, theatres, arenas, temples, and public buildings where its original inhabitants lived, worked, played, and worshipped.

We will depart from Rome after breakfast and travel approximately three hours south to Pompeii. We will return to Rome in time for a late dinner at the hotel.

Anticipated Date: Sunday 1st October

Price: $300.00

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T1. Pompeii

Knossos Palace (Crete)

During this excursion we will visit Knossos, the largest Bronze Age architectural site on Crete and considered Europe’s oldest city.

A stay in Crete is not complete without a visit to the magnificent Palace of Knossos – palace of the powerful King Minos. Many Greek mythological stories are woven around this man – son of the Greek god Zeus and the mortal woman Europa, and this site – such as the myth of the Labyrinth, the Minotaur and that of Daidalos and Ikaros. Our guide will tell us more about this glorious history as we discover the ruins.

Please bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, water and wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

Anticipated Date: Sunday 8th October


Price: $125.00

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T1. knossos Palace


2017/18 Term 2 Optional Excursions

Great Wall of China (Beijing)

One of the most iconic wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China stretches over 8,000km. Sections were built as early as the 7th Century BC, but the majority of the wall standing today dates from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Badaling Great Wall is one of the most visited sections because of its magnitude, with high watch towers and impressive views over rolling hills and countryside. The walkway here is wide enough for five horses or ten soldiers to walk abreast, and over 7 metres high!

After a Chinese lunch, we’ll visit Mutianyu Great Wall. Less-visited than Badaling, it is known for its natural surroundings of woodland. The scenery is beautiful here all year round.

On this full day tour, we’ll visit 2 sections of the wall. On each section, we’ll spend 2 hours hiking the wall, though you’ll also have the option, payable locally, to take a cable car, chair lift or toboggan, (approx. $18 for a one-way ride on either form of ascent/descent) if you prefer to avoid the hike.

Please wear shoes suitable for hiking uneven surfaces. Keep your daypack light, bring layers for cooler weather on the exposed wall, wear sunscreen, and bring water and snacks.

Anticipated Date: Saturday, 28th October

Price: $260.00

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T2 Great Wall

Macau (Hong Kong)

Macau, home to some of the region’s most glamourous resorts and casinos, is just an hour by ferry from Hong Kong. This former Portuguese enclave is a mix of colonial and Chinese architecture and tradition. After 400 years of Portuguese rule, it was returned to China just 18 years ago.

The historic centre of Macau is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and includes the ruins of a 17th century cathedral, Catholic churches, Buddhist and Taoist temples and even a library. Our private guide will walk us around some of the most impressive sites for us to gain an understanding of the beauty and history of the city.

In your free time, you may choose to visit the observation deck of the Macau Tower for stunning views across the Pearl River, see the pandas at the Giant Panda Pavilion, or stroll Fisherman’s Wharf, an entertainment and shopping complex.

Be sure to try some of the Macanese food (with a unique blend of spices often featuring coconut milk), and indulge in a Portuguese egg tart or two!

NB: You will need your passport to travel to Macau. Macau uses its own currency, the pataca. Please check exchange rates at time of travel. Traffic drives on the left-side of the road, as per Hong Kong.

Anticipated Date: Saturday, 4th November

Price: $195.00

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T2 Macau

Countryside Biking (Siem Reap)

Departing after an early breakfast, take a leisurely ride (3hrs) in the srok srai Khmer (Cambodian countryside) along red soil roads. Ride through rice fields, seeing farmers at work, and small villages. Stop and pay a visit to some of these traditional Khmer stilt houses and pagodas, built with wood, bamboo and palm, and chat with the local people.

After a while you will take a rest and try some local drinks such as sugar cane juice, a refreshing drink poured over ice, which is drunk by every Cambodian and is especially popular in the countryside.

Return to Siem Reap in time for lunch.

Please wear comfortable shoes (no flip flops) and conservative clothing for cycling through the villages. Bike, helmet, and English-speaking guide included. Please bring wear sunscreen, sunglasses and bring a water-bottle.

Anticipated Date: Saturday, 11th November

Price: $50.00

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T2 Macau

Kayaking (Luang Prabang)

We’ll leave Luang Prabang after class to enjoy a drive through the local countryside to our starting point of this river adventure.

In the shadow of mountains, surrounded by jungle we will paddle along the river with several traditional villages on the river banks. We’ll even tackle some exciting river rapids! We rest along the banks for photos, river-jumping and swimming.

We will be guided by a knowledgeable local English-speaking guide. All equipment is provided.

Please bring: sunscreen, swimsuit and a change of clothes, flip-flops/water-friendly shoes, and a water bottle.

Anticipated Date: Friday, 17th November

Price: $110.00

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T2 Kayaking

Elephant Sanctuary (Chiang Rai)

This is a one of a kind experience for visitors to Thailand. This newly opened sanctuary truly puts the elephants first!

The 3 elephants here (plus a baby on the way sometime between now and October, and an elephant recuperating from an operation) were previously logging elephants, and are learning again to act like elephants, grazing through forest and in paddocks. There is no riding of the elephants, tricks or shows, and it is rare to see elephants like this in a country where elephants are predominantly used in the logging or tourist trekking industries.

The sanctuary owners have run a successful sanctuary in Cambodia for 10 years and wanted to bring their ethos of elephant care to Thailand. The aim is to set an example of how to look after and treat elephants to other small camp owners.

The elephants love bananas – so if you can bring a few to help feed their insatiable appetite – that would be most welcome!

On this half day visit we will enjoy following, photographing and even feeding these majestic creatures. Our visit will include a Northern Thai style lunch and transportation.

Anticipated Date: Saturday, 25th November

Price: $95.00

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T2 Kayaking

Diving – for certified and non-certified divers (Ko Lanta)

The Try Dive program allows you to experience the thrill of diving under close supervision of experienced instructors in calm pool-like conditions.

Nothing compares with the sensation of breathing underwater and floating effortlessly above coral reef with tropical fish swimming around you.

During the class, you’ll master some of the basic scuba concepts and skills, before we take a boat excursion for two dives in shallow sheltered settings, chosen based on the weather and conditions of the day.
Dive equipment, snacks, soft drinks and Marine Park Fee included.

Medical Form is required.

Anticipated Date: Thursday, 30th November

Try Dive (uncertified divers) – Price: $375.00

Certified Diver (2 dive package) – Price: $350.00

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T2 diving

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