Optional Excursions

In addition to the included excursions, Blyth Academy Global High School is made even more memorable through a variety of Optional Excursions available to students in each location.

These activities take place outside of both class hours and included excursions and are designed to enhance the overall program experience by immersing students in local traditions, such as Italian cooking classes; pushing their boundaries with adrenaline sports like hiking in Spain, surfing in Australia, and bungee jumping in New Zealand; and expanding their horizons with trips to museums, monuments, landmarks and cultural centres.

In our tropical adventures, students will have ample opportunities to get wet and wild – snorkelling, river activities such as kayaking or rafting, and awesome underwater animal encounters.

Students will also have the opportunity for land adventures, such as city walking tours, and visits to animal reserves.

In Europe, we’ll cater to the culture-cravers, with Optional Excursions to famous attractions and museum, and to places of historical importance. Outdoor lovers can take advantage of a hiking tour of the Pyrenees, a cruise on the Mediterranean or beach town excursions.