Our Ometepe Home – Villa Paraiso:

Travel Journal Term 4 2016-17

Hola from Ometepe! Paradise.  PURE paradise.  That’s where we are currently studying, ladies and gentlemen! 

Am I a bit biased because Ometepe has always been my favourite spot since I began traveling to Nica?  Yes, probably.  But do your kids also think we are in paradise?  Absolutely. 

Even our shuttle from Granada to Ometepe was incredible.  We made our way through the rustic roads of Granada early this morning (slowing down every now and then for the freely-roaming horses crossing the street) and finally arrived at the port in San Jorge, department of Rivas.  On our 1.5-hour boat ride, we sunbathed on the top deck as Spanish cumbia and merengue music blared from the speakers.  The best part about these adventures is that we are amongst locals all the time. 

Before I get ahead of myself, I must brief you on Granada!  The city was spectacular.  The vibrant houses lined the streets amongst the small taverns and corner stores.  There was a photo opp everywhere you turned – from the bustling center square to the tranquil side streets that overflowed with colour during the sunny days. 

We shopped in the local market, ate typical Nicaraguan food, had spa treatments at the Chocolate Factory, visited some tranquil cafes, and some of us even saw the active Masaya Volcano at night!  Those who went said it sounded like ocean waves.  Pictures will be posted soon on Vidigami. We also officially started Term 4 classes, and they’re already going wonderfully.  The transition from Term 3 to 4 has been so very smooth and the students are extremely happy.

Now we settle into Ometepe at our beachfront resort, Villa Paraiso.  We are currently enjoying a relaxing day as some of us go for a swim and others do some homework/read in their personal hammocks. We are surrounded by palm trees, Lake Nicaragua, and friendly locals who accept us ever so warmly. 

Tomorrow we’ll hike up Maderas Volcano.  After a physically active few hours, our well-deserved R&R will be at Ojo de Agua – a fresh water swimming pool. The next few days in Ometepe will consist of diving into the academics and potentially visiting a coffee farm!  The teachers are very pleased with the classes already.  That’s not a surprise, considering how wonderful all of your kids are – in and out of the classroom.

Hope all is well back home and Happy Easter!



Program Manager