Off to the Blue Mountains…in Australia, not Ontario

On a Tuesday morning in Sydney, a group of students woke up early and headed out on an adventure to the Blue Mountains with Liam and Nicole. It was a 2-hour train to get there but that was an experience in itself and most of the students took the opportunity for a nap.

After arriving in Katoomba station, the group took a quick 20-minute bus ride to Scenic World.

At Scenic World the group went on a Railway ride, Cabel way and Skyway. The railway was a short ride with an amazing view of the mountains and rainforest below. The Cabel way is an enclosed cabin that allowed the group to see the Three Sisters, an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal legend were turned to stone, from a unique view. After the fun activities, everyone was very hungry so we stopped for a quick lunch before heading out on a hike along the cliff edge. During the hike, students got to see lots of different views of the mountains which did lead into a photo shoot for everyone. The hike was absolutely beautiful with spectacular views.

Once the hike was over the group headed back to the train station and took their journey back to Sydney to meet up with the rest of the group. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to this spectacular landmark.

Haley M.