Nǐ hǎo from Beijing!

Hello and welcome to the start of our adventures in Asia!

After what felt like an endless journey into the night from Athens to Beijing, we descended out of the clouds and straight into the capital city of China.

When we finally reached the hotel, students were given the chance to freshen up before heading down for dinner to meet our new faculty and students. Everyone was so eager to make new friends and meet their roommates, that students were already chatting up a storm with one another by the time I arrived! We then welcomed all of our new students prior to dinner and enjoyed a delicious pork tenderloin meal before resting for the day ahead.

In addition to our new students, we would like to extend an extra warm welcome the newest addition to our faculty, Miss. Amy DesBrisay. She will be teaching Writer’s Craft in the morning and Business Studies in the afternoon during Term 2. Amy brings her many experiences of travelling through Asia and is very excited to bring experiential learning opportunities to her students this term.

With our much-needed rest, we regrouped on Saturday morning to prepare for our scavenger hunt of Beijing. Students were divided into groups and were then sent off to snap some of the greatest sights in the city. Of the major sites to see, students were sent out to the Lama Temple, Bell and Drum Tower, as well as Houhai Lake in the old district of the city. Kathy challenged them even further and sent them out to the popular Silk Market!

Groups met back at the hotel before dinner to tally up scores and determine the winners of our hunt. While many of them made serious progress, it was our teachers who took home the trophy and visited each site! We then headed off to our dumpling dinner where the variety of dumplings was enough to satisfy a king. From traditional to cabbage stuffed with peanuts, this restaurant had any combination that you could possibly imagine. Needless to say, our stomachs and adventures are off to a great start.

Yours in the heart of China,