Global High School 2016-17 Term 2:

Mixed Emotions as Farewells Begin

The students have been working VERY hard preparing for exams and finalizing their independent study units.  There is a mix of emotions: they are eager to finish exams, they are excited to come home, they are happy that Christmas is around the corner, and they are skeptical of the upcoming days when they will wake up for breakfast and not see these new but familiar faces that they’ve grown so close to over the past few months.

All in all, this has been quite the successful program.  Looking back on the term, and even on the whole semester, I can genuinely say how proud I am of each and every student for putting forth such a solid effort.  Not only can high school be a challenge, but your kids tackled it (and won) all while traveling to foreign places, experimenting with different foods, rooming with new friends, and being away from family.  I’m so very impressed by everyone’s resilience, positivity, and maturity.

So, as we wrap up the second term with two days of exams, the students will likely spend their free minutes doing some last minute shopping, packing their bags (which for some have become QUITE heavy) and going on that last Pizza and Gelato run – or two.

We leave for Rome Fiumicino Airport very early Friday morning (6:30am!).  With a quick stop and a plane change in Frankfurt, we will touch down in Pearson by 7:45pm. Though it will be a very long day of traveling, we will do our very best to remain somewhat awake upon arrival – but I’m sure seeing our family and friends at the gate will give us that second wind J 

Thank you all for being with us on this incredible journey.  Having your support – through emails, phone calls, and even some facetime chats – means a lot to the staff and myself.  Your kids have now expanded their professional network.  Between Joe Pignataro, Krista Gilchrist, Nick Catania, Caitlin Blain, Nili Isaacs, George Rutherford, Sam Blyth, and myself, your son/daughter has someone they can call upon at any time in the near or distant future.  Whether it is for academic advice, a reference, or just a friendly note to say hello, our relationship does not end here.

I look forward to meeting most of you on Friday evening at the airport.  For those of you who I will not see – it’s been lovely getting to know you, even from afar.

Have a wonderful week and we will see you very soon.



Program Manager