Milford Sound

My whole adolescent life I’ve wanted to explore the world and travel to the greatest limits. When I got the opportunity to come to Australia / New Zealand I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Not only was I getting the amazing ability to travel to the furthest place from home I was also able to study whilst doing so, a feat many only can only dream of. During my time thus far in New Zealand, we have been able to do such amazing things as a 5-hour hike up a stunning mountain, bungee jump off of a bridge, and skydive into the belly of the beast, but none would be quite as visually spectacular as our trip to Milford Sound.

Undiscovered until not so long ago Milford Sound (contrary to the name) is one of history most iconic fjords. To access this stunning precipice of mother natures sheer divinity used to be a heck of a challenge, but, thanks to modern-day innovation and advancements in road work it only took a short 3 hours or so bus ride. On the initial side of the mountain range leading up to the fjord, the landscape seems barren and void of life, lined with glaciers and streams to accompany them it was pretty spectacular but we had a light show waiting on the other side. If you travel through the tunnel to the ladder side it reveals something as magical as being in a Jules Verne’s novel, brushed with voluptuous greenery this side of the homer saddle is home to some of the most plentiful cascading waterfalls and sights to behold.

We board our vessel in search of something in the form of physical beauty but the main takeaway will end up being something more along the lines of individual fulfillment. The views are beyond words the endless mountain ranges are oozing with water to a point of seeing waterfalls every few minutes. Lucky enough to come extremely close to these waterfalls you could feel the fresh ionized water spraying all over you.

After spending a good amount of time on the top of the ship taking pictures and being in awe, we sat down for a hearty meal of French fries, although, we did have to stop in the middle of this as we heard a commotion brewing, we came outside to find that we were passing by a herd of playful seals, this brought joy to everyone watching. We finished our ferry ride and headed back inland for the bus ride home to the disappointment of many seeing as we were leaving one of the most awesome places on earth. But we shall not be left in the sorrow of leaving but instead rejoice the opportunity to be graced by such amazement.

Jackson C.