Global High School 2016-17 Term 3:

A Visit to Brisbane’s Koala Sanctuary

Our last few days in Australia were exciting and memorable for all.  Our week kicked off with a visit to Brisbane’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.  You guessed it – we each got to hold and cuddle the beautiful little Koalas!  We then moved on to roam with and feed the kangaroos in their natural habitats.  Some were just tiny little Joeys with two legs poking out of their mother’s pouch, while others could pass for professional athletes with biceps as big as your local Toronto Raptor’s Power Forward. But back to the little guys, we learned that Joeys will live in the pouch for up to 8 months before it can leave its nest and walk on its own!

Feeling accomplished and finally checking off the ‘tourist in Australia bucket list item’, we left the park grinning ear to ear, viewing and sharing our many koala and kangaroo pictures with our friends.  The koalas and kangaroos obviously won our attention that day, but an honorable mention goes out to the crocodiles, platypus, emus, wombats, and dingoes that greeted us at the park as well!

Later in the week, as Mr. C’s English class worked on finalizing the first edition of their magazine ‘Globe and Blyth’, Ms. G’s class initiated a group-wide visit to the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre.  Mr. Sousa, Mr. Catania, and Ms. Gilchrist took their period two classes to the hands on and interactive academic hub.  Following an afternoon of exploration and learning, the students were able to enjoy their last evening in Australia having dinner at a restaurant of their choice before meeting back at the hotel for study hall. The night ended (very) early as we had to pack our suitcases, tidy our rooms, and meet for our 5am transfer to the airport.  Next stop: NEW ZEALAND!!!

New Zealand updates to come!


Program Manager