Visit to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Today we visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Everyone was really looking forward to this activity, meeting Australia’s famous furry animal, the koala bear! Once we arrived at this 18-hectare sanctuary, students headed straight for the koala bear areas. It was not long before many of our students were in line to hold these adorable, cuddly creatures. Many, many, photos were taken of students holding the koalas. The koala’s welfare was a big consideration, and the staff were always there to make sure that no koala was held longer than it wanted to be. We even got to see a baby koala in training! It was a sight to see when a koala nestled into someone’s shirt and looked like it was going to sleep in their arms. The trainers even fed the koalas as they lay in students’ arms. I know that many lasting memories were created today!! I heard one student say, “This is the best day of the trip”.

Another exciting part of this sanctuary was being able to feed the kangaroos. Not to be out done, they were very friendly and responded well to being fed by our group. Many photos were taken with these gentle animals as well. Students also fed the emus, but somehow didn’t want to get as close to these large creatures. Australia is also home to some other amazing animals. We saw a crocodile, dingos, many different types of birds, a platypus, Tasmanian devils, the largest bats you would ever want to see, wombats, lizards, sheepdogs, guinea pigs, and even snakes. Some of the students were even brave enough to hold a large, scary looking, snake. Quite a day for everyone!

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