Jet Boats, Bungee Jumps and more hikes

Queenstown really is the “Adventure Capital” of New Zealand. Every day brings a new opportunity for us to try a different (and challenging) activity outdoors in this beautiful alpine town. Queenstown feels a little like Banff or Kelowna as we wake up to our lake view surrounded by mountains.

On this past weekend, a small group of us headed out to try our hand at jet boating along the Shotover River. We raced down the river, through spectacular canyons at VERY high speeds. Our driver was skillful and brought us safely back to our home port after a fun and exciting ride in this beautiful paradise.

Next up was Bungee Jumping. We travelled to the Kawarau Bridge Bungee, home of the world’s first bungee site. 43 metres and 8 seconds was all it took, but what an amazing 8 seconds. We all had to gather up our courage, I think it is safe to say, especially Cidel. Ask to see her video as she talks herself into taking the step off the ledge into midair and falling head first towards the water. Luke wasn’t quite as clear on the instructions and didn’t manage the head first part but nevertheless successfully completed the jump. Everyone loved this experience and has either a picture or a video to prove their accomplishment. Well done, Blyth Academy students!

And then it was time for another hike, this time up the Queenstown Hill. It wasn’t quite as long or as challenging as the Ben Lomond Track but still a major climb. They really do not understand the concept of an easy walk in this country. We hiked up (and up and up) and were rewarded by views of the surrounding valleys, lakes and mountains. On the way down we stopped to build our very own Blyth Inukshuk so that our presence would be marked by future hikers. Back down in time for fish and chips which we certainly earned with all of our activities.

Stay tuned…Sky Diving is coming up soon…