High Ropes Experience

During one of the mornings of our short visit to the Amazon Rainforest, we explored the treetops in an adrenaline rushing high ropes course. After a ten-minute car ride, we hiked up a muddy hill in the rain and were greatly rewarded with an amazing view of the Napo river and miles and miles of rainforest when we reached the top. Everyone was talking about how excited they were while we got strapped into our harnesses and helmets and were double-checked to ensure safety.

students in helmets and harnesses in the Amazon

Minutes after we were secured in our harnesses, we climbed 10 meters up to the treetops. There were different obstacles between each tree and everyone tried even the scariest of the courses. The last obstacle had two zip lines and no one hesitated to jump off the platform and speed down to the ground.

One of my classmates raved, “Being able to choose our course of action ourselves offered a new level of excitement and it was one of my favourite excursions yet!”