Greetings from New Zealand!

What an eventful and busy few days it has been. Our students are becoming well seasoned travellers! Our flights from Toronto to Houston and then from Houston to Auckland were uneventful (thank goodness) and we arrived safely at the Auckland airport, only 15 minutes behind schedule. All of our luggage managed to make it as well! We were met at the airport by Danielle, a tour agent, and had the luxury of riding in a lovely tour bus to our first destination, Tutukaka.

We traveled on windy roads that allowed us to view beautiful scenery as we climbed up mountains and down into valleys. Lots of sheep and cattle were roaming the hillsides. Just as I had imagined New Zealand would look like. We stopped in a small town for a washroom break and the aroma of the beautiful flowers and trees was wonderful. Better than any perfume that you can buy. The warm sun also felt great! Our hotel is lovely and the students appear very satisfied with the accommodations. The boys have been given their own “small apartments” (5 boys in each apartment) with a balcony, cooking facilities, and laundry facilities. They look out onto the pool area. Very nice! The girls have smaller rooms, but all very modern and and sleek. The views from the rooms onto the water and harbour are lovely.

The afternoon was spent between the pool area and the beach. The students enjoyed swimming at the beach and suntanning on the shore. All students “passed” their swim test with flying colours! Dinner at the hotel was delicious. Steak or chicken was on the menu. It is amazing the amount of food that teenage boys can consume!! We ended our day with the get to know you game of “Two Truths and a Lie”. Students had to determine what was true and what was not true about each other (lots of laughs and some good insights into everyone’s personality)!!

We have started our Thursday morning with classes. The students have great locations to work in and everyone seemed eager to begin their courses. We are looking forward to our hike this evening to see more of this beautiful area.

The students have proven to be amazing travellers and are acting as great ambassadors for Canada! Stay tuned for our next adventures!


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After careful consultation with our staff and vendors, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our Global High School program for the 2020-21 school year. Given significant and widespread disruptions to global travel, and the uncertainty of when operations will return to normal, it is simply not possible to plan and operate these programs to our high standards of safety and execution.

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