Greetings from Krabi Thailand

Dear Parents,

The last day of excursions in Chiang Rai took us to temples and waterfalls so picturesque and breathtaking that you should see these moments through the eyes of our students. Here is one such vivid account by one of our GHS students:

“One of the main attractions of Chiang Rai is the infamous Wat Rong Khun, better known to foreigners as the White Temple. The white temple is an art exhibit in the form of a Buddhist temple which is considered to be the life’s work of Chalermchai Kositpipat. We were fortunate enough to have the chance to visit this remarkable temple one Tuesday morning and I am so glad we did.

Before entering the temple, we crossed the bridge of “the cycle of rebirth”. This bridge overpasses hundreds of outstretched hands. The hands represent temptation, greed, and desire while the bridge symbolizes the path to salvation. Once we crossed the bridge we reached the main attraction, the ordinate hall.

This sacred building is completely covered in murals which mix traditional Thai Buddhist temple art with contemporary images. Pokémon and movie characters such as Kung Fu Panda and Neo from the Matrix are some examples of the contemporary images found on the walls. Upon entering the ordain hall the first thing I noticed was a giant mural of a Buddha painted on the wall in front of me. As I took more steps into the temple a sense of astonishment passed over me. The amount of detail and symbolism in the murals took my breath away. On our way out I couldn’t help but notice the sheer size of the Temple. Consisting of a whopping 9 buildings I could have spent all day wandering around the premises admiring the architecture of each one but at last it was time to move onto our next destination.

After just over an hour trek through the jungle, sweat dripping from all of our foreheads, I could only imagine the relief we all sensed when we finally felt the cool mist of the Mai Sai Waterfall. The freezing cool water was the perfect end to our long and arduous journey. I even got the opportunity to take some pictures under the waterfall. Overall my experience in Chiang Rai was one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. From contemporary temples to raging waterfalls, this is certainly one excursion you wouldn’t want to miss.”

– Mackenna F.

Our journey in Thailand and our travels have now taken us to the southern province of Krabi and the tropical island of Ko Lanta. It is everything one would expect from an island resort and more. The sandy beach in front of our resort is a long broad stretch of light beige. It is peppered with tiny Hermit crabs often hovered over by young families. The beach is set back and lined with palm trees and beach-hut eateries. The waters are warm and shallow making a swim in the calm sea or a walk along Klong Dao beach very inviting. There are plenty of shaded areas for students to enjoy their classes but the temperature is hot. Almost daily a light shower brings relief to this tropical island some 7 degrees north of the equator. The sunsets are so stunning we have moved our Study Hall forward an hour so that students can enjoy a sunset swim at 6 p.m.

Today, an optional excursion to a Thai Cooking Class challenged whatever culinary skills students brought to the wok and raised these to a new level. Of course most students were just happy to eat the fruits of their labour–spring rolls, pad thai and green curry.

Tomorrow’s all day excursion will involve visits to the infamous Phi Phi islands, the site of many movies including, “The Beach”. I’ll update you with the events of this excursion in my next and final journal from central Thailand. That is because we are now just over one week away from final exams, our term 2 banquet and our return flight to Canada. Students are beginning to gear up for exams while completing final assignments and ISPs. It is my hope that this calm and tropical paradise provides students with the time to rest and refuel before the busy week ahead.

As always, stay in touch with teachers about your child’s academic performance and check out Vidigami for photos of our learning journey. Until Ayutthaya…

Warm regards,

Monika Quinn
Head of School

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