Greetings from Barcelona!

It has been a very busy last few days but we have settled in comfortably here in beautiful Barcelona and into our third week of Blyth Academy Global High School. Since I have been in touch by phone and directly by email with most of you recently, I thought it might be interesting to get a student’s perspective on what our group has been up to since our last couple of days in Oxford. Chloe, one of our students, volunteered to write the current journal. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her recollection of the past several days below.

Now, for Chloe’s journal…

What a busy few days it’s been!

On Thursday, the group split into two. Ms. Nguyen stayed with the math students in Oxford and the other teachers left for London with students to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Shakespearean play, at the Globe Theatre.

Students in the Globe Theatre

During that same afternoon, the math students spent the afternoon completing math lessons before heading to a local Thai restaurant for early dinner. At the restaurant, we enjoyed stir fry and curry! After dinner, we headed out for a final shop in Oxford to buy last-minute souvenirs.

Friday morning, we got up early and ate breakfast before heading on a bus to see Stonehenge. Did you know some of the stones that make up the structure were brought from nearly 200 miles away?


After our tour of the stones, we stopped to get a snack before getting back on the bus to head towards Bath. In Bath, we enjoyed a walking tour of the city and learned where Jane Austen drew her inspiration for a few of her novels. We stopped in a small café called the Boston Tea Party for an afternoon snack before heading back to Oxford.

Group photo of students in Bath

Our final evening in Oxford, we enjoyed a delicious Japanese meal before heading back to our rooms to pack for the road ahead. On Saturday morning we departed Oxford for our flight to Barcelona. Our time at the airport proved to be a little longer than expected as our flight was delayed, but we finally boarded the plane and made it to Barcelona. Thankfully, no one lost their luggage and the rest of the night went off without a hitch. We checked into our hotel rooms before having dinner in our hotel restaurant.

Sunday morning, we enjoyed a generous buffet breakfast at our hotel. Our hotel is in a great location. It is just a few minutes to the beach. On Sunday, we had a makeup session for classes missed on Thursday and Friday as well as a study period. Math students were able to ask their last-minute questions before their Monday test and the photography students wrote their first quiz.

In the late afternoon, we had the opportunity to go to the beach while some students opted to stay back and prepare for their math exam. At the beach, we did a swimming test and we all proved to be more than competent swimmers which allowed for a fun-filled afternoon in the big waves.

Following the beach, we headed back to the hotel to prepare for study period and dinner. For dinner, we dined on local fish cuisine in the hotel restaurant before returning to our hotel rooms to study and get ready for bed. Before bed, there was a last-minute request by students to purchase snacks so we were escorted to a local food store. It appears all of this travel has increased our appetites!

Monday morning, we had a short class before heading off for a guided tour of Barcelona. We explored the ancient Roman aqueducts and got to see the inside of the Cathedral of Barcelona. We then headed to a large market, the Mercado de la Boqueria, for lunch. There we tasted a variety of local Spanish cuisine including churros and empanadas. We finished our tour in the city center before heading back to the Metro to catch a train back to our hotel.

students on a walking tour of Barcelona
students on a walking tour of Barcelona

Afternoon classes resumed as normal and the math students wrote their first math test. The photography students went to the local beach for class. Following our final class on Monday, a group of students with one teacher headed down to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and an afternoon swim. Several students opted to do laundry during this time at a local laundry mat.

student by the ocean taking a photograph

Before dinner we had study period where we worked on homework and finished lessons. For Monday’s dinner we dined at a local Lebanese restaurant, which was delicious!

The rest of the week is filled with more visits, tours and excursions. Tonight we have an especially exciting tour planned at the famous Sagrada Familia, followed by a Spanish/Catalan dinner nearby.

Saturday and Sunday, some of us will participate in the optional excursions which include a hike in the Barcelona mountains as well as a bike tour along the coast. We have also expressed an interest in doing a trail ride in Barcelona and this is now being looked into. There will be many exciting things to look forward to during our time in Barcelona!



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