Granada – Perfect Start to the Term:

Travel Journal Term 4 2016-17

Greetings from Granada! It’s only been one day and we have already taken a boat ride, fed some monkeys, and visited a market!  I think it’s safe to say that Term 4 has started out just perfectly.

It all began with a plane ride from Auckland…but enough about that (it was long, and we handled it like champions!) What’s more important is that we are HERE!  And it is PERFECT! 

Our dear friend and long time colleague, Nicaraguan-born Mario, has taken us under his wing and is treating us like family.  He and his staff greeted us at the airport with big smiles and a private van to take us to Granada.  Upon arrival at Hotel Colonial, we dropped our bags and went out for our first traditional Nicaraguan dinner out in the town.  We then headed straight to bed to recover from our very long travel day. 

This morning we enjoyed a typical Nicaraguan breakfast at Hotel Colonial: fresh fruit, gallo pinto (rice and black beans), eggs, cheese, juice, and of course…South American coffee. After breakfast we visited a famous viewpoint, El Mirador de Catarina, which overlooks Laguna de Apoyo.  We then made our way over to the Masaya Market where we bought some souvenirs and enjoyed lunch at another typical Nicaraguan tavern.  We ended our afternoon with a boat ride through Las Isletas (the islands of Granada).  There are over 350 small islands sprawled throughout Lake Nicaragua – Central America’s largest lake.  We even stopped at Monkey Island, where we fed Doritos to the furry little things who get chubbier each year from all the food they get from tourists like us! 

All in all, it was a perfect day.  The students have been laughing and smiling the entire time, which is truly such an amazing thing to see.  Everyone is happy and healthy as we ensure they stay hydrated in this heat! (Accidental alliteration right there).  

Tomorrow we will officially begin our Term 4 classes and end the day with dinner in the bustling center square. The city is very busy given that there are so many Easter parades and festivities taking place.

Thanks for having your son/daughter stay with us to finish up the school year.  Central and South America will be an absolutely incredible experience.

Will update you soon!


Program Manager