Goodbye to Rotorua and Term 3!

Wednesday morning brought the final set of exams and the academic conclusion to Term 3. And what a term this has been…words such as “epic”, “best ever”, “so much fun” are how the students (and staff) would describe the experience that Term 3 in Australia and New Zealand has been.

And what does an epic term need as a conclusion but an epic afternoon and evening at Skyline Rotorua where we first went luging and then celebrated our banquet with award-winning cuisine (and I do mean cuisine) at the Stratosfare Restaurant. They pride themselves on serving a buffet of locally sourced and freshly prepared seafood, meat and produce. The desserts were tasty and the staff helped us to celebrate our last three birthdays with beautiful individual desserts.

Back to our hotel where we began our celebration by awarding prizes for the International Business presentations that had been made earlier in the day. Next came the term retrospective video prepared by the Photography class. We promised each other we would not cry (and we largely kept that promise). Awards in the spirit of “most likely to” came next followed by a small gift for departing students. Kathy challenged students to keep their dorm room keys (either this year or next) on the key chain as a daily reminder of the experiences we have shared and the relationships we have built.

I firmly believe that this once in a lifetime opportunity builds engaged and collaborative, mature young adults, who are fully prepared for whatever comes next in their lives. We are all citizens of an increasingly global world, a fact that has never been truer than it is today. Our youth are the best hope we have for the future. We are so proud of these young people and wait with great anticipation to see their next steps.

On behalf of Blyth Academy Global High School and all of the staff, both at Head Office and on-site, we thank you for lending us your children for these few months. It has been a wonderful experience.

Now…on to Term 4!

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