Global High School 2016-17 Term 3:


Hello all,

Here we are in the beautiful Whitsundays; where the people are friendly and the palm trees are plentiful.  We have been taken from our bustling cosmopolitan city of Sydney and placed ever so gently into our relaxed, slower-paced, greener environment of Airlie Beach. 

Our stay at Colonial Palms has exceeded expectations in many ways.  Being a family-run business, you immediately feel like you are one of their cousins.  The grounds have two pools and overlook the blue waters of Airlie Port.  Our dinners are delicious, our rooms are spacious, and the walk to the town’s center is only 5 minutes!

The students have been doing very well with academics – attending their usual two classes per day in the lagoon, the hotel, a nearby café, in the pool, and the list goes on.  We’ve been keeping busy with exploring the town and doing some fun activities. Yesterday ten of us went to ‘Yoga on the Road’ and had a private one-hour session of stretching, relaxation, and ease – a well deserved and much needed hour.

This morning (Saturday) 11 of the students head off to the Whitehaven Beach Day Sail! Their private van came to pick them up, including one teacher supervisor, and take them down to Abell Point Marina, at which point they will get on a large yacht and head to some of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

The rest of us who remain back today will have a little workout, go see the Whitsunday Saturday Market, do some homework, and possibly go for a swim in the lagoon. 

Our busy week continues tomorrow (Sunday) as we head out very early to the Great Barrier Reef.  A bucket list place for many of us, we will be on a boat for the majority of the day, with coffee and lunch provided.  Some of us will go scuba diving and others will go snorkelling as we experience the largest living thing on earth! This is truly a once in a lifetime adventure.

I hope everyone is doing well at home.  I will continue to put pictures up on Vidigami!

Talk soon,


Program Manager