Final Stop in Ayutthaya

We have arrived at our final destination on Term 2: Ayutthaya!

With salted tears over our time spent in Ko Lanta, we left our seaside resort on Saturday and arrived in Bangkok that afternoon. Our school then set out in a brigade of private buses which took us to our new hotel on the outskirts of Bangkok in Ayutthaya. This is our final stop on semester one before heading back home to Toronto this week.

Dating back to the 14th century, Ayutthaya is one of the original capital cities of the Siamese Empire. It is now designated as a World Heritage Site for its majestic temples and archaeological ruins that are spread throughout the city. The site itself is an island that has been connected by three rivers, one of which can take you all the way back to Bangkok!

River in Ayutthaya

Once we arrived on Saturday, students spent the remainder of the afternoon working on ISPs before making their way down to dinner. It was then another lazy (and productive) Sunday as students continued with their final projects before presenting their work this week. Our calculus class had their final test of the course on Sunday evening and everyone is actively preparing for final exams on Wednesday and Thursday.

students writing a test

While the students were working during the day, the teachers took the time to venture out into the city and capture highlights to show the students. Ms. Desbrisay stumbled upon a popular dumpling shop that is known for its delicious varieties of Thai dumplings. After taking one bite, we knew that we had to bring the students back to munch down on these fluffy delights. In following with our avid evening purchases, Kathy then took a group of students down to the Ayutthaya night market later that evening to check out the local scene. This night market even had a live theatrical performance out in the street!

As our appetites were eagerly anticipating the dumplings once again, the students demanded that we introduce them to Ayutthaya’s best-kept secret on Monday. We took the passenger boat across the Pa Sak River over to the island and then down the street to the storefront.

students riding passenger boat across the Pa Sak River

Everyone loaded up on dumplings, whether they were the traditional pork and egg or pumpkin for dessert. Some of us split up to head back to the hotel for class while some of us decided to take a tuk-tuk back and save ourselves from the heat.

student holding up dumpling

After flagging down a truck, we hopped in the back only to realize that we were being taken in the opposite direction! As it turns out, we jumped on one of the local buses that circle the island rather than grabbing a direct tuk-tuk back to our hotel. It was another 15-minutes before we arrived closer to the bridge where we stopped the truck, jumped out, paid the driver, and then headed back over the river for period two… what a day!

As the exam countdown clock ticks closer to the end, we have been eagerly anticipating our return home for the holidays. We will be holding our final banquet on Thursday followed by our end-of-term video and white elephant gift-giving game before packing up and heading home. But first… exams!

Yours among the dumplings,

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