Exam Time in South America:

Global High School 2016-17 Term 3

Hello everyone, Well here we are…the final few days of Term 3.  How did it fly by so quickly? Was it as quick for those of you at home?!  So many questions and so little time. 

But in all seriousness…what a term!  It was adventurous, academic, exhilarating, eye opening, and challenging.  We learned about ourselves, we gained new friendships, and we adapted to new cultures. 

Come Wednesday, some of us will be flying home while the rest of us continue on to sunny Nicaragua to kick off Term 4! Regardless of who goes where, I must comment on the group as a whole – because after all, we are one giant family. 

Over the past seven weeks, your children have been a delight to travel with. 

Mr. Sousa, Ms. Gilchrist, Mr. Catania, and myself have been very lucky to lead such mature, intelligent, and kind individuals around Australia and New Zealand. Thank you, parents, for sending your children on this journey with us.

The journey is not over just yet; we have a second exam to write tomorrow!  Today the students wrote their first exam, and they felt good about it.  Upon asking them how they felt this morning, everyone seemed cool, calm, and collected.  The teachers did a great job of preparing the students for their end-of-term assessments.

Tomorrow evening we have our final banquet dinner as a group.  We will ascend the Auckland Sky Tower and dine in the famous Orbit restaurant, which offers stunning views of the city.  As the dining room rotates once every hour, we will likely catch the sun setting over the yacht club.

I look forward to updating you as we finish off the school year in South America.  See you all in June at graduation!



Program Manager