Easter Weekend in Playas del Coco

We learned a lot today about how Easter is celebrated in Costa Rica. There are some similarities with how we celebrate at home in that spending time with family and friends is common to both cultures, but differences as well.

On Saturday we headed to the beach basketball courts after breakfast hoping to learn once and for all whether the boys’ team or the girls’ team would dominate in this sport. The girls donned matching jerseys, the boys wore visors specially chosen for the event and the support team brought fancy Easter cupcakes for all the participants. Sadly, we arrived to find an Easter festival in full swing and the basketball court covered in tents and displays. While we stood debating our next move, a young woman approached to ask (through our interpreters, Cidel and Isabela) if we were interested in learning about recycling in Costa Rica. Why not? And so we headed over to a nearby tent and participated in an activity to teach us about recycling here. It turns out the recycling in Costa Rica is much like recycling at home. We were really glad we participated as the people running the activity were wonderful teachers and so thrilled that we were interested.

After the demonstration, the recycling team pointed out a figure tied to a nearby tree, “that’s Judas” she told us. He will be set on fire at 6 pm on Easter Sunday as part of a Costa Rican tradition. As I said, some things are like home, others less so. We learned that there would be giant clowns later in the day and that the recycling team were planning to don giant scary masks and costumes and surround people they caught not recycling properly. These people were serious about this!

On our walk back to our condos we stopped to bargain for a giant shark floatie. We misunderstood the quoted price, thought we had a deal, found out we didn’t and walked away only to be followed 500 metres down the beach and offered the floatie for our original offer. Sometimes it pays to just walk away.

Back to the condos for lunch and then class and then later in the day back to the beach for a volleyball game. The court was free this time, the students and Nicole played volleyball, Kathy and Liam went for a run and then it was back for dinner after a quick swim in the ocean or pool depending upon your preference. Before we left the beach we watched pelicans diving for fish in the ocean. It was an amazing sight, the fish didn’t stand a chance against these expert fishermen.

The film class is screening “Inception” this evening for any interested students and others are catching up on homework or Netflix. These are busy and very fun days here in Playas del Coco.


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