Day Trip to Milford Sound

We started the day bright and early before sleepily heading to our bus bound for Milford Sound. Our knowledgeable and cheerful bus driver told us about the history of New Zealand as we watched the sunrise while driving down the highway. The four-hour drive from Queenstown to Milford Sound flew by as we learned about the animals in New Zealand, and took breaks at breathtaking sites. My favourite stop was at the Mirror Lakes where we had the opportunity to view the reflection of the enormous mountains on the still water.

Upon arrival to the much anticipated Milford Sound, we boarded a beautiful boat that featured couch seating and a full restaurant menu. We were able to enjoy the stunning views while having lunch by the windows. I spent a lot of time taking photos at the front of the boat. As the driver carefully drew closer to a waterfall, I was able to touch the plummeting stream, which was a highlight of the day.

My favourite moment was seeing seals as they fluttered on large rocks. After spending a lovely couple of hours on the water, we returned to our bus where we were able to spend more time enjoying some of the best views New Zealand has to offer on our ride back to Queenstown. I would definitely recommend visiting Milford Sound to any adventure seeking travellers.

Sarah S.