Passing Time with Crickets and Treats

Students have been tasting an array of Cambodian delicacies to freak out the teachers!

When students aren’t in class, you can usually find them eating snakes, crickets or tarantulas served on a stick… at this point, I honestly wish I could say I was kidding. As part of their cultural engagement (something they’ve taken upon themselves), students have been testing out a wide range of insects for consumption. Some of our avid cricket connoisseurs have compared the crunch to that of a potato chip with aromatic flavours of BBQ seasoning… gross!

Staff and students made a special visit to the Phare Cambodian Circus on Tuesday night for their evening performance of “Eclipse.” Phare is a social enterprise performing arts company that mixes theatre, acrobatics, dance and music to generate and portray original storylines to educate audiences on the Cambodian experience. The show of the night was centred around discrimination faced by a young villager who then transforms into a woman from the help of the gods. It was a very powerful performance that mixed drama with acrobats and a series of fire-fuelled stunts.

Maija had this to share about her experience at the show:

“I enjoyed the mix between slap-stick comedy and dance because there were a variety of acrobatic feats that were enjoyable to watch. I thought the message was great and the supertitles were interesting to see the translations between English, French and Cambodian. The live music was also a great addition, but the best part was the teeter totter where they did an aerial spin in the air. They have many other shows to see and I would definitely come back another time to catch one more.”

After our early morning temple tour on Wednesday, staff and students of GHS celebrated Halloween!

Students went out and crafted a series of different and unique costumes to showcase during our watermelon carving competition. Everyone divided into five different groups and brought their creative skills to the forefront with different and artistic creations. One group engaged in a hybrid form of fruit carving and included limes into their frog sculpture. Two other groups teamed up together and created a shark attack out of two watermelons!

When it came to the costumes, we had pairs of tourists, tuk-tuk drivers, and martial arts fighters. Raelle and Maija applied their true craftiness and dressed up as Kanye West and Lil Pump from their recently popular music video. Beyond the pop-culture category, students played the imitation game and dressed up as each other. Victoria dressed up as Josie while Josie dressed up as Stephen… Stephen then dressed up like me, owl necklace and all. The staff also participated in the fun and dressed up as a fruit salad with an array of colourful fruit-inspired t-shirts.

We will end our weekend on Sunday with our community service excursion to a nearby village where students will volunteer to help plant vegetables and learn about life in rural Cambodia. Our days in Siem Reap will come to a close on Monday when we journey to Laos later that evening.

Yours among the cricket munchers,