Community Service in Playas Del Coco

Our day began with everyone from our group having a hearty breakfast at Mario’s. For those of you who do not know, Mario is the owner of the hotel we are staying at and is our friend and guide while we are in Costa Rica. From there, we took some taxis and went to a nearby school. This school was quite small, and the paint on the outside was chipping away. Our group was feeling excited and eager to start our work. After being briefed on our task by Mario: repaint the walls of the school in a combination of white and green, we divided into teams and gathered our brushes and paint. With that, we started our task!

As we began our work, we began to feel the heat. With 30+ degree weather, however, we had dressed for the occasion in shorts and t-shirts that we wouldn’t mind getting covered in paint. Little did we know how much paint would end up on our clothes!

students painting the exterior of the building and getting covered in paint themselves

As the day went on, progress was made, and, slowly but surely, we started to fill the walls with the new colours, giving the school a revitalized look. Soon after covering the walls, we proceeded to do the trim (the bottom and the top of the walls near the ground).

student painting the exterior of the building green

At last, after many hours of tireless painting, we were triumphant! Victoria described the experience as “very cool, a lot of fun, but hot!” This was the consensus of everyone, as we finished a 6-litre bottle of water in the span of 2 hours! Soon after finishing, we sat at the school, admiring its updated look, and feeling proud of the work that we did for the community. This experience was fun, rewarding, and gave us a great chance to give back to this community that we are living in.

Group photo of students when they were done painting

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