Community Service Day Two

And then we went back…to visit the school we had just painted and to enjoy a morning playing with the students!

This very cute little school housed even cuter little children, ages 3, 4 and 5. They greeted us with applause for having painted their school and, after overcoming some initial shyness, were excited about participating in the various activities Mario had planned for us.

We coloured with great concentration, did some face and hand painting and played several games with brightly coloured balls. None of us wanted this morning to come to an end.

After doing a little research, we learned that Costa Rica has progressive education policies. The literacy rate is nearly 95%. Preschool and basic education are free and compulsory. The school we visited was air-conditioned and well equipped. We notice a significant difference from our experiences with education back in Cambodia.

One of the great values of spending this year travelling abroad is the ability to compare and contrast amongst the various countries we have visited. “Global citizens” is no longer just a phrase for us, it is our lived experience. What a rich experience this continues to be!

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