Chocolate Eggs, Volleyball and Floatie Prizes

Global High School students woke up on Easter Sunday to bright blue skies and crazy hot temperatures. Kathy and Nicole surprised us by getting up early and hiding candy all around our pools and condominiums. They hid hard candy rather than the traditional Easter candy which was then traded in for chocolate eggs and Oreos which would have melted in the bright sunshine. The hunt was fun resulting in some friendly competition, proving you are never too old for an old fashioned Easter egg hunt…a great start to our day!

students preparing easter candy
chocolate eggs and cookies

The real excitement came a little later on in the afternoon when we divided into teams and headed down to the beach volleyball courts for a tournament organized by our leadership class. They thought of everything: teams, team uniforms, snacks, water and most importantly, prizes. The competition was fierce in this activity, possibly because we were competing for the giant “shark floatie” but more likely because we are just a competitive group. Good sportsmanship was the order of the day though, and we all cheered each other on.

students playing beach volleyball

We were divided into four teams and started with a round robin tournament where every team played every other team. Next came the semi-final matches followed by the final. The stage next to the courts had a live band and we gathered quite a fan base in the festive Easter Sunday atmosphere of Playas del Coco. The “red” team of Nicole, Devon and Stephen were ultimately victorious but it was definitely a series of close matches.

team red

Possibly the best part of the whole event was the swim in the ocean under the setting sun at the conclusion of the tournament. As we left the beach we heard the local revellers heading down to burn “Judas” who was still tied to the tree. We didn’t stay for that event though, we had to get back for dinner and a swim in the pool with our new floatie.

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