Busy Weekend in Rotorua

As this is the final weekend of term 3 and exams are quickly approaching, we determined to make the very most of every minute. For some that meant working on our ISPs, studying for that final test or finishing off that last project. For others, some shopping was in order. And for others, an optional excursion to Hobbiton and/or Zorbing felt like the best way to fill the weekend. All this choice…that’s one of the parts of GHS that we like the best.

Hobbiton, that place where small people with a propensity for round doors lived, was our destination on Saturday. We know that it’s a movie set but it really felt like we were stepping into the Shire and experiencing life as the hobbits did in the time of The Lord of the Rings. It was a pretty magical experience and very special for the fans of the series as well as for the English students who are reading The Fellowship of the Ring.

Sunday’s weather was perfect for Zorbing, sunny and 20 degrees. This sent a group of students rolling down the hills of Rotorua. Students were encased in a giant zorb ball, a large transparent ball which is contained within another transparent ball. After jumping in, the ball was filled with water, zipped up, and flung down the winding green pastures. Some initial trepidation gave way to shrieks of laughter as students sloshed and slid around the inside of the balls. I have it on good authority that this was a very fun activity!

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