A Busy Few Days in Sydney…

Saturday was another hot and sunny day (is there any other kind?) in Sydney. However, we gave ourselves a bit of a rest from the heat to engage in our primary occupation – classes. Students had some free time to explore before dinner and our excursion to watch the fireworks in Darling Harbour, a short walk from our hostel.

We arrived a little early and treated ourselves to ice cream before securing a perfect spot for the show. While we waited students chatted with some locals and played a game of “Where’s Waldo?” starring none other than Jackson who was wearing a red and white Waldo-style shirt…at least that’s how a few of the local Australian children saw it.

The fireworks were wonderful. On our walk home we paused to watch a street performer featuring, once again, our very own Jackson Clark…now made famous for his ability to hold a rope and dodge knives, apples and other various objects juggled by the talented performer.

Classes resumed on Sunday and featured field trips to the Botanical Gardens and the Contemporary Museum of Art. This is a wonderfully modern and diverse city! And we are loving the opportunity to take full advantage of it with our experiential learning.

The highlight of our day (or night) was the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. After a dinner out, our group made their way to the famous Harbour Bridge. We were outfitted and checked, and checked again, and then checked again. Did I mention the breathalyzer? Safety first is definitely the motto at this attraction and a good thing we quickly realized as we set out on our climb.

The first stage was pretty easy and we all fell a little in love, at least the girls did, with our guide, Adrian. the climb started easily enough with a walk across the span. We reached the steep climb up 1332 stairs and were really happy to be caged in as the view down got scarier and scarier the higher up we went. The lights of the city, especially the Opera House, were spectacular. The sunset was beautiful, the Blue Mountains were visible in the distance. Our biggest challenge was attempting to find the Southern Cross. Unfortunately, Adrian was no help but we did encounter another guide who attempted to point it out. All in all, a wonderful experience!

Our path home led us through an area called the Rocks where we posed for some fun pics and just generally reflected on how much fun we had just experienced.

Surfing at Manly Beach was on the agenda for Monday. The students would like to report that we just barely managed to endure all that hardship…NOT AT ALL…this was amazing!

The instructors were great and most of our group managed to stand up on their boards. I will let pictures tell the story of the day.

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