Ben Lomond Hike – Our Celebration of International Women’s Day

Sunshine, spectacular views of Lake Wakatipu and craggy mountain tops and lots of camaraderie made this challenging hike a memorable experience. When we finished and were eating our congratulatory ice cream, one of the students commented: “I will remember this day for the rest of life”. WOW!

Once we reached the summit we gathered all the female students and staff together and spent a moment celebrating the day and our accomplishment which felt a little extra special as it was International Women’s Day.

The out and back trip took approximately six and a half hours, nearly 30,000 steps, 17.5 km and a change in elevation of approximately 1500 metres. I admit to some nervousness as we scrambled up a few rocky inclines that the guidebook had described as an easy walk requiring no special equipment. Note to self…do not believe everything you read. For those wondering about calories, the fitness devices worn by some of our group suggested the adventure burned more than 2000 calories. Our biology students are studying cellular metabolism and certainly had a first-hand experience of what that feels like.

We returned tired, a bit stiff and sore but completely awed by the New Zealand scenery. These pictures only begin to capture this day.