Global High School 2016-17 Term 3:

We Have Arrived: Dunedin

Hello everyone!

After a few quick flights we have touched down safely in Dunedin, NZ.  Our new home has slightly cooler temperatures than Australia, as we nestle into a comfortable 15 degrees this evening. Cue the spring jackets!

We are staying at The Victoria Hotel, which is in the center of the quaint and beautiful city, just a stone’s throw away from cafes, yoga studios, movie theatres, the rugby stadium, and the Cadbury Chocolate Factory (where many of us will indulge in a one hour tour that ends with a chocolate waterfall!)

Tonight we enjoyed a home-cooked style dinner presented to us by our hotel.  Since we had such an early start this morning, we are heading to bed nice and early so we can be well rested for tomorrow’s classes.  

We chose the perfect time for a weekend getaway in Dunedin, as there are many opportunities for hiking, working out, watching a national rugby game, or even viewing a show at the annual Fringe Festival!  We will get as much as we can out of this friendly Scottish and Maori city before transferring to Queenstown on Sunday morning. 

I hope all is well back home and I will update you soon!


Program Manager