Adventures at the Waterpark

We started off our two-day adventure in Arenal by exploring and discovering the multiple hot springs pools, our large rooms, huge gift shop and the multiple water slides. After sitting down for a filling lunch we checked into our rooms and went straight to the pools, and soon discovered that there were seven pools and four different waterslides.

The next morning we woke up, ate a nice breakfast, and climbed on a bus to begin a half day volcano hike called “lava flow”. We hiked the bottom of an active volcano and saw craters from the last time it erupted, black rocks scattered on the sides of the path and a breathtaking view. After snapping a couple of pictures we began the hike back down and an hour later ready to get back on our bus.

Twenty minutes after arriving back we were already next to the pool. Spending the rest of the day playing on the multiple water slides and jumping off the bridge into the water. Dinner that night we had the options of pasta, chicken, steak or a burger, which were all amazing options. Spending the rest of the night in the pool before going to bed created memories I doubt anyone will forget any time soon.

The following morning was filled with packing and hurrying to have time to swim and eat before our four-hour drive to Playa Del Coco. Although we were all very excited to be by the beach it was hard to say goodbye after our short two days stay in one of the most beautiful locations we’ve been too. As we drove away we said goodbye to the beautiful volcano and the fun times by the poolside.

Maddie M.

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