Adventure Tour – Day One

Hola, parents and visitors! This Sunday our Blyth Academy group started our Machu Picchu adventure tour with a bang. On the top of a mountain, we began our descent as we mountain biked through the rain, travelling a total horizontal distance of nineteen kilometres. Racing down the mountain roads as wind whizzed by our faces could conservatively be referred to as a blast.

students riding mountain bikes down the cloudy mountain road

But as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, some of us went whitewater rafting in a high tide. We got soaked as waves relentlessly crashed overtop our boat as we bounced through the chaotic river. On land, we played a game of paddles in a circle which tested our coordination and focus.

But our day wasn’t finished yet; our muscular endurance was tested in an uphill nighttime hike towards our hotel. As we struggled to ascend this treacherous and rocky path, Kathy suggested that we pretend to be Inka people fleeing the Spaniards as a remedy for the situation. Disregarding this suggestion, our group continued to push through towards the hotel. As we reached the hotel, we had a late dinner before heading to bed; it would be a challenging Monday tomorrow.

Sunday was challenging but rewarding. It was filled with action and adventure, which would only be surpassed the next day. In the words of George Marion: ‘‘twas the fastest cycling and water experience ever” and “I think everyone set a PR for sustained speed on a bicycle”.


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